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Learn About Louisiana Section 8 Housing Lists

A Louisiana Section 8 housing list contains rental units that accept housing choice vouchers as payment. In general, landlords use Section 8 listings to advertise units that are currently available on the market. When a public housing agency (PHA) issues your voucher, you may also receive a list of acceptable apartments from the organization.

You are generally free to use your rental assistance voucher to lease any property in the open market. If you receive a list of low income apartments for rent from your local PHA, you are not limited to choosing one of these units. Read below to learn more about finding homes for rent that accept Section 8 and discover what requirements your unit must meet before you can sign a lease.

What is an approved Section 8 housing list in Louisiana?

There is a variety of Section 8 approved housing for rent that you can choose from. In some cases, your PHA will help you start your search by providing you with a list of apartments.

Certain housing agencies will include listings on a webpage for tenants. Others may give you an informational packet with available units when you receive your voucher.

Not all PHAs have the resources to maintain their own approved Section 8 housing list. However, they may still offer tools that point you in the right direction.

In such cases, housing agencies may provide you with a list of landlords who regularly lease units to Section 8 participants. They may also direct you to use approved apartment for rent apps that include affordable properties.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also has resources that can help you find a place to rent. HUD homes for rent listings in Louisiana can include any of the following housing types:

  • Apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Duplexes
  • Single-family homes

Note that some search results may include units in public housing projects. If you were granted a project-based rental assistance voucher, you will have to select a unit located in one of those projects. However, as the recipient of a housing choice voucher, you are free to choose any acceptable home or apartment in the private rental market.

Another resource for finding Section 8 listings is provided by the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC), which is a state government organization. Through LHC listings, you can search for housing in specific counties, cities or neighborhoods. Learn more about using official Section 8 rental listings by reading our guide here.

Other Ways to Find Section 8 Listings in Louisiana

Searching for Section 8 listings is similar to looking for any type of rental housing. As such, a wide array of apartment for rent apps can help you find low-income properties where you can use your voucher. Some of these websites and apps will refer to Section 8 listings simply as low-income apartments or income-restricted units.

There are various real estate search engines that are meant just for low-income rentals. For example, GoSection8 active listings include properties where you can use your voucher. Even on websites meant for Section 8 properties, there may be other types of apartments as well.

As an example, you may come across units that do not require applicants to hold a Section 8 voucher. While you still may be able to use your rental assistance at one of these units, you might face more competition with applicants who do not have a voucher.

When looking for Section 8 rental listings in Louisiana, it is beneficial to broaden your search to include other sources. Apartments for rent that accept Section 8 may be advertised in the following places:

  • Local newspapers
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Online classifieds
  • For-rent signs around the neighborhood

Quality Standards for Section 8 Approved Housing in Louisiana

Once you locate a few homes for rent that accept Section 8, you will need to select a unit that meets your local PHA’s requirements. The unit you choose must be in decent, safe and sanitary condition.

Your PHA will perform an inspection to ensure that the unit is acceptable. If the unit shows any major damage or is missing basic components (such as adequate lighting, plumbing or outlets), it may not pass the inspection.

Keep in mind that even if you find a unit on an approved Section 8 housing list, it is not guaranteed to meet the health and safety standards. All rentals will need to be inspected before you can sign a lease or move in, regardless of where you located the listing.

Additionally, the unit you choose must be rented by a landlord who is willing to take Section 8 vouchers. Some landlords with low-income apartments do not participate in the Section 8 program.

If you are currently renting and do not wish to move, you may consider asking your current landlord if he or she would be willing to take an HUD voucher. You may find that your landlord already participates in the program with other tenants.

Tips to Help You Find Low Income Apartments for Rent in Louisiana

Finding Section 8 listings in Louisiana can be challenging, but it is important that you start your search right away. Generally, housing choice vouchers have an expiration date, and you risk losing your rental assistance if you do not use your voucher before the deadline.

By law, PHAs need to give you at least 60 days to use your rental assistance vouchers. While certain housing agencies will automatically give you more time than this, others will require you to apply for an extension if you need more time to search.

In order to simplify your apartment search, you may consider using different search engines like the ones described in previous sections. Certain apps and websites will allow you to create a free account that allows you to save your searches. With an account, you can generally set up alerts so that you are notified each time a new apartment is posted.

In some cases, there are a limited number of Section 8 listings to choose from, which can generate high competition with other applicants. As such, you can improve your chances of getting the apartment you want by having all of your lease application materials ready ahead of time. This allows you to apply as soon as you find a unit you want to rent.