AVOID DEBT: Learn About Education Grants That Give You Free Money for College

Today, the average college student graduates with approximately $30,000 in student loan debt. That’s more debt than most people can afford to pay off.

Government education grants can help you pay for college and avoid debt at the same time.

Financial aid in the form of higher education grants has helped Americans across the country to afford college. If you meet the requirements, you could get up to $10,000 in need-based financial aid per year.

Don’t take on thousands of dollars in unnecessary debt. Find out how you can get $1,000s in free money from the government just by filling out an application online.

Do You Qualify for Government Pell Grants Worth $6,195/Year?

If you need financial help to pay for college, Pell Grants pay the most out of all the federal education grants. Students who meet the Pell Grant qualifications can receive as much as $6,195/year.

Depending on your school, you could potentially use this education grant to cover all of your tuition — and more.

The main Pell Grant eligibility requirement is income. Low-income students who can prove they need government assistance to pay for college can qualify.

These are the factors the government will consider when deciding if you will receive financial aid:

  • How much money you or your family earn
  • How many people live in your home
  • How many people in your home will be attending college
  • What assets you or your family own

All undergraduate students who qualify will get Pell Grant assistance. Graduate students can also get Pell Grants if they are studying to become teachers.

Find Out How to Get a Federal SEOG Grant Worth $4,000/Year

Another government grant that gives free money to undergrad students who need help paying for college is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or FSEOG.

If you can prove that you meet the income requirements to receive financial aid, you can qualify for up to $4,000/year with this grant.

Students who qualify for Pell Grants get priority access to the FSEOG program. This means that you can potentially get up to $10,195/year in free higher education grants.

The specific SEOG grant amount that you are awarded depends on your school and when you apply. The main difference between the Pell Grant and the federal SEOG is that with the SEOG, the government gives colleges a limited amount of money for the grant and then colleges give these grants out to students who qualify.

That means you have to apply fast in order to make sure you get financial aid benefits.

Each college sets a unique deadline to apply for the FSEOG. Learn how to apply online before grants run out!

Learn How to Apply for Government Education Grants INSTANTLY

You can apply for Pell Grants and Federal SEOG grants online by filling out a single form. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) takes minutes to complete.

The process is simple.

  1. Visit the Federal Student Aid Portal. You can access the website from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Gather information and documents. You will need to answer questions about yourself, your school and your family’s income.
  3. Fill out the FAFSA application online. Using the information you have gathered, complete the FAFSA application and sign it electronically. The prompts will guide you through the process.

Once you’ve submitted the application, the government will review your answers to see what financial aid you’re eligible for. If you qualify for a Pell Grant, you will get a notice that says the exact FAFSA Pell Grant amount you will receive for college in the upcoming year. You will get the same notice for the SEOG grant if you are eligible.

You can expect to hear back about your eligibility in three to five days. Apply online now to find out about your approval ASAP.

Need Extra Financial Aid? Learn How You Can Afford College With Federal Student Loans

If you don’t qualify for education grants or you don’t qualify for enough to cover all your college expenses, federal student loans are a safe way to get the money you need.

All you have to do is fill out the FAFSA application.

Undergraduate students who qualify for federal government loans can receive as much as $12,500 per year. Graduate students can receive as much as $20,500 per year.

The types of government education loans you can receive include:

  • Subsidized Stafford loans. These direct subsidized loans are available to undergraduate students who require financial aid. The advantage of a subsidized loan is that the interest is paid by the government directly.
  • Unsubsidized Stafford loans. These direct unsubsidized loans are available to any students who want to borrow money to pay for college. There are no financial need requirements. However, the student will need to pay the interest for these loans and their college decides how much they can take out.

Other benefits of federal student loans include a low fixed interest rate that makes them easier to pay back than conventional loans. Plus, depending on what field you get a job in after you graduate, you may qualify for a certain amount of student loan forgiveness.