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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Florida

A Florida Section 8 application can be submitted through any local public housing agency (PHA) in the state. This program, which is also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is overseen at the federal level by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). However, because each PHA runs its own program, there is no standard Section 8 housing application form that you can use. Instead, you will need to follow the application procedures established by your local PHA.

When you apply for Section 8 in Florida, you may or may not be able to receive assistance right away. Therefore, understanding how the application process works may improve your chances of being approved for HUD vouchers. Read more about filling out a low income housing application in the sections below.

When can I submit a Section 8 application in Florida?

You do not always have the option to apply for Section 8 housing whenever you choose. Because of the high demand for these housing vouchers, PHAs frequently stop accepting applications. It is also common for a PHA to utilize a waiting list when there are more people requesting rental assistance than can be helped right away.

In some cases, you may fill out a Section 8 application form whenever you choose. However, this is only the case when the PHA you choose is actively accepting applications. The demand for housing varies by location. In some areas with lower demand, PHAs may take applications year-round.

Remember, you can apply for low income housing through any PHA. If your preferred PHA is not taking applications, you may consider requesting assistance through a different agency. However, it is important to keep in mind that most PHAs give preference to local applicants experiencing hardship.

What documents do I need to apply for Section 8 in Florida?

When you sign up for Section 8 in Florida, the PHA will need to verify that you meet the eligibility criteria. Overall, your eligibility can be based on things such as your income, family status, citizenship, disability status or age. In order to verify this information, the PHA may request any of the following:

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Identification documents
  • Proof of citizenship or legal presence
  • Employment records
  • Proof of current living situation

If you have any special circumstances, your HUD application may need to include additional paperwork. In some cases, the PHA will also verify your details by contacting banks, employers or other organizations directly.

Because all of the details on your form will be verified, it is crucial that you do not intentionally provide false information. Doing so may result in penalties, including criminal charges.

Tips for Completing the Florida Section 8 Housing Application

Before you fill out a HUD housing application, it helps to understand how PHAs select applicants. As a general rule, the exact policies will vary from one PHA to the next.

On the other hand, most PHAs use similar methods for determining which petitioners will qualify to receive HUD vouchers. Overall, a PHA may do any of the following to select applicants:

  • Utilize a waiting list when there are more applicants than available vouchers.
  • Determine local preferences for screening applicants and assessing their placement on the waiting list.
  • Hold lottery drawings to select applicants for placement on the waiting list or to assign vouchers to petitioners who are currently on the waiting list.

If you meet certain criteria when you submit a housing authority application in Florida, you may receive preferential placement on the waiting list. This is done to ensure that applicants with the greatest needs have a better chance of being helped first. As an example, local preferences may exist if you are:

  • A veteran.
  • Elderly or near elderly.
  • Someone who lives and works in the PHA’s service area already.
  • Homeless or living in substandard housing.
  • Involuntarily displaced from home.
  • Paying more than half your income on rent.

Learn more about local preferences and other factors that might affect your Section 8 application by downloading our informative guide.

Understanding the Florida Section 8 Application Process

You may be able to submit a Section 8 application online, in person or by mail. Overall, the exact methods and steps will vary based on which PHA you wish to apply through.

How to Apply for Section 8 Online in Florida

In order to apply for rental assistance online, your preferred PHA must have its own official portal. However, it is important to note that many local PHAs do not have a website and therefore do not provide an option for online applications to be filed. Nonetheless, you should be able to fill out a Section 8 application online for free, as PHAs are not allowed to charge a fee for this service.

How to Submit the Florida Section 8 Housing Application in Person

Nearly all PHAs allow you to sign up for Section 8 in Texas by visiting one of these offices in person. While certain offices may request that you make an appointment, others accept walk-ins. Remember that you may not be allowed to apply if the PHA is not currently accepting new applications.

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing by Mail

When your PHA is actively accepting applications, you may also be able to submit a form through the mail. Sometimes, PHAs provide printable application forms on their website. You can also visit or call the organization to receive a copy of the application.

What happens after I apply for Section 8 in Florida?

After you submit a Section 8 application in Florida, you may be denied, placed on a waiting list or granted a voucher right away. If your application is turned down, the PHA should provide an explanation and give you the option to appeal the decision. Furthermore, remember that your application may be denied outright if the PHA is not currently accepting new applicants.

More often than not, your initial Section 8 housing application will only get you put onto a waitlist. The length of time you spend on that list can vary significantly depending on factors such as:

  • The current demand for vouchers.
  • How many other people are already on the waitlist.
  • Whether you qualify for any local preferences.

If your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you may or may not need to fill out a secondary application to complete the process. In any case, it is your responsibility to update the PHA anytime your contact information or address changes. This ensures that you can receive notifications about your case.

Different ways you can apply

Some PHAs only let you apply for a housing voucher in person. If you want to apply in person, you have to have the right form. You might be able to find the right form at the PHA office, or on the PHA’s website so you can print it. After you have all your documents and fill out your application, you turn in the documents and application form at the PHA office.

You might only be allowed to apply for Section 8 online through your PHA’s online portal. If you can only apply online, you need to make an account on the portal and fill out the online application form.

You might need to upload your supporting documents here, too. After you finish, you can usually come back to the portal to make changes and see your application status.

Some PHAs will let you turn in your application by mail, especially if you are currently living in another city or state. To apply by mail, you have to ask the PHA for an application, or get one on the website if you can.

After you finish your application, you have to mail the form and supporting documents to the address the PHA tells you. Make sure the envelope has the right address to make sure the PHA gets your application.